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question about calling cards?

Calling Cards
brokenhearted asked:

how can I buy a calling card online without a credit card or giving my phone number or address? I’m calling from a payphone.

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Calling cards [used abroad]?

Calling Cards
.____. asked:

I’m going to France in a few weeks and I’m interested in buying a calling card, so while there, I can make some calls home [the USA].

However, I’ve never used a calling card before and while I’ve searched on the internet…they all seem the same to me. And I’m not sure which services are legitimate and which aren’t.

For anyone with experience using a calling card abroad, can you please recommend which to use? I’m going to have to use it on a payphone there, not my cell phone.
My cell phone provider doesn’t offer any sort of international service whatsoever…I’ve already researched it. It sucks!

I’m not planning on making long [as in time wise] calls over there, just a couple minutes at a time to check in with my boyfriend and family :]

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how do you use calling cards in ontario canada?

Calling Cards
FOWLOX asked:

Im using a CiCi card on my pre-paid fido phone. my fido phone is empty on minutes but i should still be able to use it right? could not even use the card at a payphone. any help would be much appreciated.

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How do you dial a calling card toll-free number from a payphone in UK, Heathrow airport?

Calling Cards
DD asked:

My parents will have a stopover in London and they don’t speak English. I want them to call us from a payphone using a calling card. The calling card has a UK toll free number. I would like to give my parents detailed instructions about what to dial, but I’ve never used a payphone in UK myself. Can someone help with the info? The toll free number is 08000015814. Is there anything else that they will need to dial in front of that? Thank you.

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