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Can you access the internet wirelessly, everywhere, using a calling card in Europe?

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N1080 asked:

I would like to be able to use the internet in Spain, wireless and everywhere, through a netbook or a blackberry. Do you need a special modem to do so? Can you do this through some sort of calling card? About what would it usually cost per hour to surf the web? How fast would it be, compared to cable wireless in the US? If yahoo answers allows, can you suggest any particular calling card or whatever?

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What is the best international calling card?

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jccjwc2003 asked:

What is the best international calling cards from Europe to the US?

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Do the people answering a calling card get charged?

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Drew asked:

If I buy an international calling card to call someone in Europe, I know that the minutes on my card get knocked off, but will the person who answers the phone get billed for an international call?

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Where can I buy an intenational calling card?

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hellokitty8252 asked:

I am going to france and spain this spring break and i want to know where i can buy a calling call from europe to USA.

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Is it true that you can’t use a calling card with a cell phone?

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Gigi asked:

My boyfriend is going to Europe for six months. He has updated his cell phone to work over there (roaming). We planned to stock up on calling cards for him so that we could keep in touch. But, someone said that a calling card wouldn’t work on a cell phone. Is that true? If yes, what are our options?

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Calling cards to buy online?

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theking K asked:

Hello, I am looking for cheap calling cards I can buy online.
I am looking for cards that are either:
* “Ami” Calling Card.
* “Red” Calling Card.

I need websites that I can pay with paypal and get this card shipped to Europe.

! Best answer !
Thanks, lets say that I want to call Colombia, there are two options ” Colombia Celular” and
“Colombia proper”.

Colombia proper is landline ?
Thanks! One more question.
1. I couldn’t get it from the website, if I put for example $10 I lose money if I don’t use it? There is a charge after every 2 weeks like most cards?

2. What about connection fee?

3. When I put money in “Pay as you go” the nubmer is activeted ? because I plan to go in few weeks, maybe I should wait to the day I go to do it ?

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if someone calls me from a calling card overseas on my cell do i get charged extra?

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john asked:

ok well my girlfriend went to europe for the summer i live in the us and she got a prepaid calling card. When she calls me on my cellphone do i get charged extra in any way because its long distance? or is it like using regular minutes?
my phone service is t mobile if that makes a difference?

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Internation calling cards used ?

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skol312000 asked:

I have an iphone 3g and im using att as my carrier. I bought at some store an international calling card. That lets me talk to family in europe. Will att charge me extra anyway? If so, how do i get around it
I need to use the cell phone as i would be on the go

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Saving on International Calls

This article will assist you to obtain relieve way to make domestic and international calls at cheapest rates. I reckon that if you are emigrant, tourist, challenging truck driver or student, you typically need to call to your loved ones and good friends. And what will you do if your home positioned on other continent so you have no ample capital to phone call from hotel? Yes, perfect way is internet! This short article may help you to uncover relieve technique to make domestic and global calls at cheapest costs.

So, you use lookup engine and uncover numerous websites, that marketing prepaid phone greeting cards. How make a option? One particular way is to ask your buddies; perhaps they’ve utilized prepaid telephone notes yet. A different way is locate webpage with basic application which could assist you to uncover very best charges to all your direction! For illustration you want to phone call from US to Europe: decide on countries and push button obtain. It is really all! Program finds ideal charges for the destination and shows you big quantity of calling notes. 1 of prepaid telephone notes stores looks fascinating and have hundreds of calling homemade cards and quotes!

When you have global organization and frequently telephone call to overseas countries it is possible to obtain refillable mobile phone card and include funds just where your balance is very low. It really is very easy due to the fact you have to remember a single address of on-line store where by you purchase card and a person pin. You may call from the mobile cell phone from anyplace and any time, due to the fact cellular phone solutions deliver the results 24 hour per day and 7 days a week. There are actually pin much less phone greeting cards: you register 1 number (for instance your cell phone number) and include resources in your number where stability is reduced. I think that it truly is most easy and effortless process.

In some shops you are able to uncover on-line telephone cards on sale. Which means you can save on specified cards from 1 $ as much as 10 $! Often verify news of telephony.

Rates on intercontinental calling notes continuously drop and now one minute from US continental to Netherlands (for instance) expenses one cent. It is really really low-priced!

Also you possibly can uncover plastic cellular phone greeting cards on outlets, railway stations, airports and etc., but they’re quite pricey! Do you now why cellular phone credit cards online a lot cheaper then plastic material cards? Simply because in circumstance on the internet notes you spend only for speaking time; you get pin on e mail and you simply at the moment can contact. In second case you shell out to couriers, shops for their function and mobile phone corporations fore creating “real” plastic homemade cards! Calling homemade cards is seriously finest answer!

In conclusion I wish to say that times whenever you paid ten $ for ten minutes of speaking send away. Living alone in foreign country is just not effortless, so it really is essential for you to keep in touch along with your family and friends.

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