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any pointers to good calling card to call India ?

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Geo asked:

i have already tried reliance and Airtel India calling cards, both are kind of ok but some times it does n’t get connected and with Airtel some times error in the time of usage , dont want to spend energy in calling these customer care etc.. just looking for any Good cheap calling cards

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How to call a customer care with India calling card?

Calling Cards
vikas asked:

I am from India and currently in USA for few months. I have a bank account in India with ICICI and wants to contact ICICI customer care urgently. I tried making a call using a India calling card (Delhi customer care number). My call connects to customer care and a automatic machines answers. This machine voice asks me to enter my choices by pressing numbers. But with calling cards, if I press a number during call, it does not propagate to call receiver (ICICI customer care in my case). Can anyone help me?

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