Nobel Calling Card

Nobel Calling Card

Nobel Calling Card

International Calling Card


Nobel Calling Card are the ideal choice for people who want to make cheap local and long-distance calls, without having to replace their telephone provider. Nobel Calling Card allow their users to place calls from pay phones or mobile phones, being very convenient for travelers and people away from home. Prepaid cell phone calling card minutes are also great for teenagers, effectively limiting their monthly budget. See more->> Absolute Lowest Rates

Nobel Calling Card

Nobel Calling Cards are great to call anywhere around the globe without any agreements, contracts or monthly bills. Calls can be made from any type of phone, private and public, even hotels or offices. Many of these Nobel Calling Cards also offer PIN-less dialing, an option that allows you to avoid using all those complicated codes when placing a call.
Here are the advantages of buying a Nobel Calling Card: Low rates for international destinations, High quality and increased connectivity, 24/7 Customer Service, International Access from over 150 countries, Over 450 Local Access Number, Enhanced calling card features, PIN-less dialing, automatic recharge, Call from anywhere, anytime, Access from home, payphones, offices, hotels And much more…


Nobel Calling Card

Nobel Calling Card are rechargeable, so you do not have to buy a new calling card to save money on your domestic and international phone calls. Just recharge your phone card online, anytime.
Nobel Calling Card now offers an automatic recharge option. Automatic recharge allows YOU to determine the specified amount that your Nobel Calling Card is recharged when your balance drops below your recharge level. Your credit card on record will also be charged at this time. By opting to use the automatic recharge feature, your calling card account automatically recharges when your balance gets low so you can make that important call when you need to.
A manual recharge option is also available. Check rates->> Absolute Lowest Rates

From: Karla Donald
I have bought my first calling card from Nobelcom a couple of months ago. I was not satisfied with the rate my cell phone provider charges (I mean ATT) when I’m calling Latin America. As any internet user would do, I googled some terms and got numerous sites that sell calling cards, one more appealing than other. I immediately cut out those that looked suspicious – weird pop-ups, amateur designs and mis-leading information (either about the company or about its products).

Finally, after some thorough investigation, I decided to go with NobelCom. Their website looked professional, I wasn’t invaded by pop up windows or weird commercials. So I started looking for a calling card. The offer was quite large, you have cards with or without connection fees, maintenance fees and several types of rounding. I don’t stay for long on the line but a call frequently so naturally I got a One Second card, with no fees and one second rounding. This seemed to be the best option for me.

So, I decided to buy it. This process is fairly simple and rapid. My shopping came to a finish in just a few minutes, I was called to confirm the details of my order immediately by a nice girl. She answered all the question I had and, in the meantime, I received my PIN and the access numbers. Excited about the new card, I started calling using the local access number the lady recommended (it would save me some cents).

My first call got connected, after few attempts, probably because of the busy hour of the day. I was quite impressed by the quality of the calls, unlike that of my previous provider. The second day I tried to make a call, my balance was lower than it should have been. So I called their help line to see what’s happening. A young man answered, he told me that my calls were not connected to an issue with the lines over there. OK, I said… He then offered to put the money back on my card, those taken for unconnected calls.

I was quite taken aback by this deed. Anyway, I’m continuing to recharge my existing card with Nobelcom. I’m satisfied with their customer service, the quality is great (and when it’s not, they fix it) and the rates are the lowest I could find. My friends that use their cards tend to agree. I read the other reviews about the company and, from what I can see, they’re not recent. I think that the company went through quite an improvement in the recent years.



From: Julie Watson

I have read through all your opinions before I posted mine. From what I have seen, most of the bad ones are quite old. My experience with Nobelcom started some months ago, when I needed a phone card to call my family abroad. My regular provider had high charges for calling abroad and a monthly subscription I had to pay. So why pay more for something I could get a lot cheaper?

Finally, I found Nobelcom having the lowest rates from the many websites I came across. The website was easy to browse, no annoying ads or something like that. After I finalized the purchase, they called me, confirmed my e-mail and sent me the details of my phone card. I used the it right away and it worked great. I have no complaints about the quality. There are some interference sometimes, but this is easily fixed by a call to their customer service department. Whenever i want to recharge my card, i do it online and it’s done instantly. I stuck with the card i first bought because I’m satisfied with the features and the minutes i have on it.

The website offers a bundle of products so you can call anywhere. I recommend to go for an order of more than 20$ so that you won’t be charged the 2$ processing fee. Whenever you have issues, there’s a non-stop support line. The customer service department is really helpful. For example, I called in to ask if I can use my card when I’ll travel to Europe. After she answered all of my questions regarding my card, the lady on the phone went ahead and recommended another product.

The Emerald plan, another of their products on, was what I was recommended for my travels. Indeed, it was the right choice. I was able to use this plan from the 4 european countries i traveled to. They have local numbers there so you can call anywhere you want. The thing i love about this new plan is that you can used it from anywhere you are. It works all over the world at some convenient rates.

I have recommended the service to my friends and they’re quite satisfied with it.


From: Veonika Istel

I am a happy customer of Nobel’s for over a year now and I stuck with them because they have a good combo: low rates, great quality and helpful customer service line. I wanna share with you some things I discovered over the years.

When you want to buy a calling card, be sure to look out for all the details of the product. Consider the calls you are placing, how long and how frequent they are. If you are making short calls more often it’s better to get a phone card with low rounding. For longer calls, you get the most out of a card with a higher rounding. If you came across a card with a maintenance fee, buy it if you’ll be using your card within one or two weeks. Also, you’ll find phone cards designed for calling either landlines or cellphones, depending on the type of phone you’ll be calling to.

To wave a small processing fee, be sure that your final order will be 40$ or higher. If you have some questions about the phone cards, you can always call their customer service line. It’s opened non-stop so they will gladly assist you at any hour. You can even buy the card you want over the phone.

Their phone cards can be recharged over the phone or online. If you want to make sure you won’t be disconnected in the middle of the call, you can set your card to recharge by itself. It’s really useful when you are on the road.

Hope my advice is useful. Have a nice day,

International Calling Card

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