suspended calling cards?

Calling Cards
kitteh asked:

hi there..
im having a bit of a problem.. i bought 2 different kinds of calling card filipino talk and megamouth.. i started dialling the megamouth one and then she asked for my pin… after dialling my pin number it says ”YOUR CARD HAS BEEN SUSPENDED”.. i went back to the shop and asked for a new one and i said that the card is not working.. so they gave me a filipino talk card… so i went home and tried dialling the mobile access number and guess what? the number that i dialled is not responding…

im wondering why all calling cards are suspended and not responding at all… any good suggestions for me to buy a better calling card?

i really need a calling card.. coz i really want to speak to my bf back home..

plzzz.. guys and gals… need help :(

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